My name is Nicole, and my goals for this blog are to explore the complexity that is human behavior. I hold a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology and am currently working towards my Master of Science in Counseling. Eventually, I intend to become a licensed therapist with clinical focus on addiction treatment, sexual, and anxiety disorders.

By no means, do I consider myself an expert on psychology. However, I do have a strong love for reading, researching, and scouring such findings. Most people, I have realized, love to learn about human behavior, yet scholarly articles tend to written in a highly academic way that makes little sense to the general, non-PhD world.

Psychology provides theories to everything we do, think, and feel. What defines attraction? Why do we experience cravings? What determines the kind of job we seek or the type of parent we become? How can we explain racism or war? Psychology offers explanations for these phenomena through a medium of theories, tested research, experiments, case studies, and drug treatment.

Basically, this stuff fascinates me. If it fascinates you, please allow me to share the puzzle pieces comprising the strange world we exist in.

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